Drawing people project

After being absence for a while, I decided to updating my blog. On this post I made some people draw, some of them using a photo reference and the other was from life scene. Please enjoy it 🙂

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First sketch at 2013

Happy new year to all of you!! Hope in this new year, you got new experience.

This is my first sketch in 2013, i used sepia conte pencil that i bought on 1 january 2013. This was a sketch of my face from the refflection at the window. What makes this portrait special was the colour of my new conte. I dont know about you but, i think i’ve done well in capturing my face and my personality. 😀

my first sketch on 2013 (dok. Arkanhendra)
my first sketch on 2013 (dok. Arkanhendra)



Before its rain, on “Ngasem”

Ngasem is an area located near the kraton (Sultan Palace). Its used to be the animal market. Many animal lover  goes there to find some pets. From reptile to bugs. But since 22 April 2010 the market removed to the new place at Dongkelan. Nevertheless, you can still found the remaining merchant who sell bird and it cage. Continue reading “Before its rain, on “Ngasem””

Hand and Arm studies

This time i want to share about hand and arm studies. On this couple draw, i found it difficult to get the detail muscle and value. But thanks to some friends and tutorial at the web, i think i manage the proportion and the outline quite right.

Feel free to add some suggestion to improve my skills. Thanks before.

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My Self Portrait

i’ve heard that “if you can draw your own face succesfully its mean that you allready know yourself”, well in this pic, i looks more handsome *i guess hahaha

in this sketch i used ink and Tusuk satay, well its just like a tooth stick but much longer. I found it in angkringan next to my stand at FKY (Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta/ Yogyakarta Art Festival ) Continue reading “My Self Portrait”

One Day Sketching

Yogyakarta, 10 June 2012,
A nice bright sunday morning to take a trip and adventure. With a bottle of drink and a bunch of my sketch tool, i run south to the Kotagede Area. Not just to take a picture or just touring the tomb, but also to captured some scene with ink on the paper. So lets Start!! Continue reading “One Day Sketching”