Cello Player under the tree
Cello Player under the tree

just like music it has low and high tone, slow and fast rhythm
so as love
just like music sometime it drives you mad sometimes it makes you comfortable
so as love

as for me it drives me to scratch,

to make a trace on a sheet of paper

with strong and smooth lines,

hard and soft edges

I cant played any music but at least I can hear the harmony through my ear and felt it with my heart
I dont care if people mock me when they saw my drawing or when I moved around my head because of the music
Just listen, feel and than scratch …

ps: I DO love music.

tribute to The Piano Guys


Drawing people project #2

After playing with my charcoal (that i bought couple month ago) in my ballerina draw, I’m so addicted with this tools. On this draw I used a pencil to sketch the outline and the figure. After that, I’ve tried to add some charcoal in the background to make the figure came out.

Well, I think this experiment was quite success.  *I hope 😀

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First sketch at 2013

Happy new year to all of you!! Hope in this new year, you got new experience.

This is my first sketch in 2013, i used sepia conte pencil that i bought on 1 january 2013. This was a sketch of my face from the refflection at the window. What makes this portrait special was the colour of my new conte. I dont know about you but, i think i’ve done well in capturing my face and my personality. 😀

my first sketch on 2013 (dok. Arkanhendra)
my first sketch on 2013 (dok. Arkanhendra)



Hand and Arm studies

This time i want to share about hand and arm studies. On this couple draw, i found it difficult to get the detail muscle and value. But thanks to some friends and tutorial at the web, i think i manage the proportion and the outline quite right.

Feel free to add some suggestion to improve my skills. Thanks before.

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