Before its rain, on “Ngasem”

Ngasem is an area located near the kraton (Sultan Palace). Its used to be the animal market. Many animal lover  goes there to find some pets. From reptile to bugs. But since 22 April 2010 the market removed to the new place at Dongkelan. Nevertheless, you can still found the remaining merchant who sell bird and it cage. Continue reading “Before its rain, on “Ngasem””


My Own Genre

Yesterday, i was attending an art exhibition of some art maestro in Indonesia. It display some art work from Affandi and others famous artist. Among many art works at the exhibition, the affandi sketch was inspired me a lot. I think that the sketches told me that if you want to draw just draw, dont think it too much. And dont be confused with the genre of your work. Whether your work is realism, expresionism or another genreism, just draw. Continue reading “My Own Genre”

Hand and Arm studies

This time i want to share about hand and arm studies. On this couple draw, i found it difficult to get the detail muscle and value. But thanks to some friends and tutorial at the web, i think i manage the proportion and the outline quite right.

Feel free to add some suggestion to improve my skills. Thanks before.

Arkanhendra Continue reading “Hand and Arm studies”