First sketch at 2013

Happy new year to all of you!! Hope in this new year, you got new experience.

This is my first sketch in 2013, i used sepia conte pencil that i bought on 1 january 2013. This was a sketch of my face from the refflection at the window. What makes this portrait special was the colour of my new conte. I dont know about you but, i think i’ve done well in capturing my face and my personality.😀

my first sketch on 2013 (dok. Arkanhendra)

my first sketch on 2013 (dok. Arkanhendra)



  1. I’m impressed! I tried to do a pencil sketch of my daughter a few days ago and it really wasn’t very good, but I’ve got a lot of respect for folk like yourself who can do it properly!

    You have a look of real concentration on your face. Beautifully captured.

  2. thanks Finn, i think a lot of practice was the secret, dont you think?😀

  3. Indeed so! I shall keep plugging away and in the meantime I shall marvel at your expert sketching🙂

  4. thanks for the nice words, maybe i could draw you sometime when you traveling to Indonesia, it would be fun i think😀

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