My Own Genre

Yesterday, i was attending an art exhibition of some art maestro in Indonesia. It display some art work from Affandi and others famous artist. Among many art works at the exhibition, the affandi sketch was inspired me a lot. I think that the sketches told me that if you want to draw just draw, dont think it too much. And dont be confused with the genre of your work. Whether your work is realism, expresionism or another genreism, just draw.

And this was my work which inspired by that thought. I drew Tamansari(watercaste) ruins as i wanted to. Not because the building is beautiful , classic, exotic or someone order. I just draw it because i want.

Tamansari / Watercastle ruins (dok. Arkanhendra)
Tamansari / Watercastle ruins (dok. Arkanhendra)

On this sketch i used a crosshatching technique. Although my primary focus was on the building detail, i didnt think it too much. I just let my sense took control. Shortly, i use more feeling on decided which part i want to sketch.

But still you can criticize my draw. And if you asked what genre i choose my answer will be,

Its my own genre. 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Own Genre

  1. Good words to remember today! Just draw!! Yes, I agree! And a gorgeous drawing you created here, no matter the style, genre, medium…it is beautiful!

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