One Day Sketching

Yogyakarta, 10 June 2012,
A nice bright sunday morning to take a trip and adventure. With a bottle of drink and a bunch of my sketch tool, i run south to the Kotagede Area. Not just to take a picture or just touring the tomb, but also to captured some scene with ink on the paper. So lets Start!!

A woman who watch the vehicle which parked in parking area at Kotagede’s Tomb
Gel Pen + Ink on Hawai Paper 
(Sketch. Arkanhendra)

As soon as i get to Kotagede Tomb, i felt hungry. So i decided to looks for some breakfast. After finishing it, i found a nice object to sketch. A mother who had a beautiful hair being a parking woman. But before i sketch her, the woman left. Change with another woman. Rather than sketching the earlier woman, i choose to sketch this woman. Well, i think she had a beautiful hair too, but she’s to shy to showed it.

The Scene on Kotagede’s Tomb
Pen and Ink on Hawai paper (Sketch. Arkanhendra)

After having some quick breakfast, i walked down inside the Tomb Area. At that time the tomb was quite busy. There are some colledge student, a bunch of Photographer, some Sketcher (us) and some tourist (both local and foreign). My attention was captured by the bunch of Photographer that looks overreacted in taking picture. From laying down at the floor until moving her hair so girlish before taking a photos. The other reason i sketch them was some of the photographer (well, most of them) are beautifull with their short pants, hahaha…

The Natour Garuda Hotel view from Pendopo Abu Bakar Ali
Pen and Ink on Hawai Paper (sketch. Arkanhendra)

My Adventure trip that day wasnt stop only at Kotagede’s Tomb. With some friend i countinued my sketchwalk to Malioboro Area at night. One of the famoust spot at Yogyakarta. On my first try, i felt a bit of confused. Which one that i want to captured with my pen and ink? The Natour Garuda Hotel on my left side or the crowd of tourist at right side. It doesnt take long until finnaly i choose the first scene, The Natour Garuda Hotel. Although i’ve been sketch it for many times.

Ozi Sketching the Natour Garuda at Malioboro area
Pen and ink on Hawai Paper (Sketch. Arkanhendra)

In the Second try, i decided to get some person figure to sketched. And easily, i found my friend beside me. Who looks seriously on his sketching process, Ozi a.k.a mata dewa (God’s eye), a nick name which performed his ability in rendering.

I found that this sketch will be my last sketch on that night. And i’m so pleased with this last sketch. Because finnaly, i  succeed in sketching human figure which mostly i found it hard.

Well, thats all my adventure in last Sunday sketching trip. Dont stop for learning and practising, as in the phrase , Practise makes Perfect! 

Have a nice day and see you at the next trip!



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