Someday in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Someday in Yogyakarta, captured in sketch using gel pen and black watercolour on Hawai Paper. Hope you enjoyed it. 

A quick-live-candid sketch about a girl who waiting for,… 

Honestly i dont know, i didnt had a chance to ask her. 

waiting for someone or something, (dok. Arkanhendra)

Some people choose to spend their time just watchin the train comes, than shoping or doing nothing. 

A situation captured near the lempuyangan rail station, Yogyakarta. 

Landscape sketch near Lempuyangan rail Station, (dok. Arkanhendra)


2 thoughts on “Someday in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  1. Really? thanks Michelle, 🙂 i hope someday * i dont know when* i could sketch at Amsterdam…. and meet the Dutch Sketcher and improve my sketching Hahahahaha *praying*

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