60 tahun YSAB

Couple weeks ago, i came to Pendapa Ndalem Kaneman in Kraton Yogyakarta area. There’s a dance show to celebrate the 60th birthday of YSAB (Yayasan Siswa Among Beksa).

At that show i had an opportunity to sketch some of the dancer who perfomed. First, i ask Ronald one of student from SD Marsudirini who take a role as Kenyung (little monkey) At this sketch i used a chinnese ink with tusuk sate as the pen.

In the process  i felt so calm and enjoyed it so much. And then, both me and Ronald was satisfied with the result.

Kenyung (Dok. Arkanhendra)

After finishing the first sketch, i’am looking for the nect object. Because the condition of the make up room was so crowd i dont have much choices.

Finnaly, i look at some old fat man, sitting down with a ciggarette in his finger. Because of the make up i know that this man playing as Semar. One of Punokawan Figure.

Then, i sketched him without permission. Maybe just like papparazzi  did.  I did that because i  know i had no much time, because its look like that he was resting.  And i dont want to disrupt him. Because of that my sketch didnt succeded as the first sketch, even if i used the same tools

But its allright because Mr Sunardi who played as Semar suddenly looks at my draw and he said that he likes it. Thank God 🙂

I think it will be my new lesson in sketching. Be Patient and Calm so you can make a nice sketch. Well, thats my oppinion, What your’s? Feel free to contribute 🙂 have a nice day!


Semar (Dok. Arkanhendra)

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