Playing Around with Watercolour

This is my work with Koi watercolour. Some of them i sketch it from some  photos, like Borobudur and a church in Tapigliano. While, the other two i sketch it at place. It took about 30-35 minutes. I just don’t think it to much and just enjoying the process. So, i hope that you will be pleased for watching it. Best regards from me, 


Borobudur view from Tuk Situmbu *photo by Mashoeroel Np (Dok. Arkanhendra)
A Church in Tapigliano *photo by Letizia Argiolu (Dok. Arkanhendra)
A view from Burjo Cafe at JL Godean. In front of ASMI Desanta colledge (Dok Arkanhendra)
A view from Friends boarding house at JL Kaliurang (Dok. Arkanhendra)

2 thoughts on “Playing Around with Watercolour

  1. Exquisite watercolours. Bel’Occhio means The Beautiful Eye. Seeing beauty in the most common place things. You indeed have The Beautiful Eye. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Virginia

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