Playing Around with Watercolour

This is my work with Koi watercolour. Some of them i sketch it from some  photos, like Borobudur and a church in Tapigliano. While, the other two i sketch it at place. It took about 30-35 minutes. I just don’t think it to much and just enjoying the process. So, i hope that you will be pleased for watching it. Best regards from me, 


Borobudur view from Tuk Situmbu *photo by Mashoeroel Np (Dok. Arkanhendra)

A Church in Tapigliano *photo by Letizia Argiolu (Dok. Arkanhendra)

A view from Burjo Cafe at JL Godean. In front of ASMI Desanta colledge (Dok Arkanhendra)

A view from Friends boarding house at JL Kaliurang (Dok. Arkanhendra)

  1. Exquisite watercolours. Bel’Occhio means The Beautiful Eye. Seeing beauty in the most common place things. You indeed have The Beautiful Eye. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Virginia

  2. i see now, thx a lot Virginia🙂

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