Flowers for Evil

Dear, Evil

I know you’ll never forget or ended your revenge to us, human

You, a creature that’ve made from fire and doomed by God

But, did you remember that both of us are His creature?

It’s not my fault or Adams, that God care for us, more than you,

Maybe if you want to reduce your dignity, we could live together as a friend, not as enemy

Now, I have a wish that we could be friends, can we?

Just like the Angel,

Forget all the bad things happen,

Just us. His creature who lived together,

No hattred or suspicious feeling,

Maybe if we did that, God will forgive you for what you’ve done,

So, would you accept my hand of  friendship?

*I will ask the Angel to forgive you too, if  its help 🙂

When you got only a hundred years to live (or maybe thousands years),  what would you do?

Would you spent your life time for hattred and revenge?

*It  was so exhausting, don’t  you think?

With all humility of mind, I offered you this flower,

Thanks for your kindness,

Love and respect,


A Bottle of Flower and a lovely letter (Dok. Arkanhendra)

9 thoughts on “Flowers for Evil

  1. I see what you are doing :D. You think that evil can be subdued by love and friendship and that the good will always win. Let’s hope that 🙂

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