Fernando de Magelhaens

Once upon a time, there is a land named nuswantara. A bunch of island located in north east Asia. For hundred years this land has been passed by the adventurer people from West. With the 3G (Gold, Gospel and Glory) as their reason to set sail far away from their home. 

One of the most known man who has founded this land for the first time is a portuguese, named Fernando de Magelhaens. He was born at Spring time 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal.

Helped by the young ruler of Spanish at that time, Charles 1st, he managed his journey to the new continent, ASIA. Even if he is a Portugese, it wasnt automatically that King of Portugese supported him. In fact, King Manuel, King of Portugal has done many shifty tricks to prevent Fernando for being sailed out. Because of that, the arrangement for the Magelhaens journey need more than a year to be done.

Unfortunately, because of his intersection to spread the religion among local people, he was dragged to disputes between the tribes. Which lead him to his death in Cebu, Phillipine 27 April 1521.

There are several name of people who live longer than the man itself. And Fernando de Magelhaens was one of them.

Fernando de Magelhaens, “man who opened the door to the world,”


*photo from Fernando de Magelhaens, The Mariner’s Museum CollectionVirginia,Amerika Serikat (wikipedia.org)

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