A Church

In a little village, beyond the Nightmarish Forest,  

A Church (Dok. Pribadi)

Dont just remember Him, when you’re in trouble, my friend,…

“A Church,” 4-3-2012, pencil 2B

  1. cieee….

  2. wkwkwk c gendut rung tak jipuk:mrgreen:

  3. Gendut wes diterno budene wingi sore, ki wes uglak-uglik nang omah 🙂

  4. oh y wes mbok mutung deknen:mrgreen:

  5. wah keren. kreatip🙂

  6. matur nuwun bro, kutunggu hasil karyamu juga:mrgreen: mari #Berkarya

  7. Nice work and I particularly like the motives of your drawings🙂 Hope to see some more. God Bless.

  8. thx Paula🙂 hm, i wondering what motives do you mean ?? *confused*🙂

  9. I meant church buildings and fortresses🙂

  10. oh,🙂 thanks Paula

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