The Drupadi Tragedy

At one time, Drupadi were sitting with all her five husbands, the Great Hero of Amarta. The Sons of Pandudewanata, King Of Hastinapura. They are Pandawa.

Suddenly, she ask something to all of her husband a question that bothered her mind so long. 


Drupadi : “Oh my beloved ones, oh all my mighty husbands. The Holy one Yudhistira, Bima The Strongest, The Handsome Arjuna, and The Twin, Nakula – Sadewa. There’s something, that I wanted to ask to all of you, dear.

Did all of you remember what were happen when the mean Dursasana humiliated me? When he grabbed my hair?  The hair which all of you always adore?

And then he embarass me, with forced me to taking off my clothe, rip my gown into pieces?
Did you remember all the nasty things that he had done to me?

If you remember, than, why that at the time you just sitting at the chair without doing something? Why? Please give me an explanation.”

Yudhistira : “So sorry, my beautiful wife, Drupadi. I’m still fasting, so I’m unable to do anything.

Because, you might know, if we fasting than we should restrain and maintain, our lust and emotion. So at the time, i couldnt do anything. Dont be so mad. The truth is, i felt sad. So sad, my dear.”

Bima : “Hmmm, -Bima growling- My small pretty wife, forgive me to doing nothing about it.

You might remember what our moms Kunti,  say, that i can’t rage and ramp as i like. Because of my great power i must controling my self not to get angry easily.

If  i can’t control it, than what will happen with the hastina palace? It will be destroyed just for a second. Beside, a son must obey the mothers word, right? I must obey Mom wish.

Arjuna : “Oh, my Drupadi, my eternity love. my most beautifull wife ever. As you know, I could cut a single mosquito wings with closed eye without killing it. With my bow, i can destroyed a big mountain into pieces, just with one blow.

But, as a human, we must had a humble heart. We should not be arrogant. What if, i got angry at the time, and my emotion blind me, and instead of saving you, i just gonna wounded you!

Oh, I can’t accept such a horrible thing. Not only my heart who will be broke down, but my life will gone. I dont want to live anymore, my dear. Ohhhhh” -Arjuna crying loudly and desperate-

Nakula and Sadewa : (the twin ones) “We sorry, Drupadi, dear. Mmm, we just the junior. The little brother one.

We can’t go fight for you, before our brother do. We felt its impolitely to go before the older one. So we were sorry for not doing anything, at the time. But we do love you, really.

Drupadi : “Just shut your mouth! You pathetic heroes! I dont want to hear anything from all of you! *Cangkeman kabeh kowe!


So, Drupadi left her five husbands who still dont understand what just happened, and why their wife acting weird.


Mpu Cakil Arkanhendra

*) means “too much talk, all of you!”

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