The most foolish man in world

This is a story about some man who doesnt really know what was the best for himself. And worst, he doesnt realize it. He just act like nothing special gonna happen in his life. He think that his life is perfect. Because he has a lot of money to satisfied himself

He just talk to someone else if necessary and urgent. When he went to his work at some office, he never spent time just to talk or say hello to other workers. He just sit in front of his computer and starts work until the time is up. He has no friend either on his office or home. His just so cold and quiet, and never let someone else get to closed to him, especially girl. The only thing within his head was survive, secure, and life.

Until at one time he felt sad, he stressed, he cant do anything right. His boss angry, and then he loose his job, and finnaly he was bankrupt. When he felt down, he think that its time to finished his life. Because in his mind he has nothing to keep him alive. Then he took a big step to the roof of his apartment.

When he is gonna take the jump to end his life, suddenly he met a girl that stand up beside him. He doesnt know why this little girl standing right there. Its kind a dangerous thing he think.

Finnaly he asked the girl what is she doing there. The girl just smiled back. And then she said, ” if you asked me what i’m doing here, i think you allready know the answer “. Suddenly this man cant say a word. He just too surprised with the answer. “So you want to kill yourself ? but why ? you just too young to die, unlike me, i has nothing left behind.”

“Dont just believe with what you saw, if you think that i dont have any problem to ended my life, i wouldnt be here, right ?” The girl said with a little smile in her face. The man shocked, but he cant say anything to answer it. ” I have a disease, that made me cant celebrate my 8th birthday next week. I got a cancer, my mom where dying in the same hospital with me for 2 years. And my father allready died 1 years ago. So did you think that i dont have any reason to stand here ? ”

After listening the girl explanation, he’s got stuck in an option. Did he really suffered enough to ended his life ? or its just his despair that made him blind. He used to tought that his life is the most meesy. But he didnt realize that there’s always be another person who more suffer than he is.

Suddenly his feet shaking, and finnaly he fell down. And after he take a deep breathe, he realize that if he jump he will be a coward, and that doesnt make his problems done, in fact make it worst.

Its just a little story that teach us not to easy to give up. There always be a way to came out from our problems. Its depends on us whether we give up or we keep struggling to solve the problems. I read it from some books that i forget the title. Just want to share this nice story to other. And again i’m sorry if my english wasnt good enough.


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