Did read, sucks ?

The benefit of reading 3A (anything, anytime, anyplace)

“Kids, please read at subject 4. And then after you read, we’re gonna have some discussion. okay ?”
“oh nooooooooooo, please ask me anything but not that, i really hate it !!” –some kids are complained–

Sometimes, several people doesnt like to read. And they choose to doing else. Maybe, thats just because they didnt notice the real benefit of reading. They just fed up with the book thickness. And they ignoring lots of information on it.

Today, i found my self a little bit lucky. Why did i felt lucky ?
Well, this day is the last day of january and tomorrow we will meet with the most romantic month –acoording to some teen ager– and in this last day of january, i spent it with a beautiful girl –seriously–

From this unpredicted meeting –me and the beautiful girl– we talk about anything,and if i wasnt wrong, some of them are the internet things, modem for example. The connection, price, and its quality. Truly, i didnt know anything about that, –this is why i called my self lucky– One night before that day, i was go to my friend internet centre, or i called “warnet” –the accronym of internet store (warung internet)–

When i were at that warnet, i found some brosure about computer exhibition. After i decided to read some, i get an information about internet things that i didnt pay attention before. So when i talk to dila –the beautiful girl– i can explain some, then i realize that maybe in her mind she consider if i was an IT expert. Because she asked me am i an IT expert. Haha, its so funny thing when i remind that before i read, i dont know anything about the internet stuff.

Thanks to GOD, from now i begin to read as many as i can. Not because to get some beautiful girl attention –mention that some girl like clever boy– but to get many information, as my teacher said, book is the window of knowledge.

i’m all ready prove it, what about you ?


4 thoughts on “Did read, sucks ?

  1. no…
    reading isn’t suck…
    reading is my hobby, mas…
    and i have got many advantages from reading, mas…. 🙂

    thats true sis…
    thats absolutely true :mrgreen:

  2. buka kamus…buka kamus….
    ada terjemahannya gak seehhh….
    english ku kan payahhhh

    ha2 kasihan dh lu.. xixixiixxx pisss ^_^

  3. jadi ceritanya ni sotoy ya ttg inet, akhhh semua itu kan gara2 tu siwanita cantik, makanya puter otak, bener atau tidak urusan belakanglah 😛

    he2 ketauan ni, jadi malu… :mrgreen:

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