The Analogy of bicycle and bysikil

Pada posting kali ini saya Mr Bloggie is not Doggie, akan melakukan satu hal yg belum pernah saya lakukan sebelumnya, semenjak saya mengenal dunia blogging. Saya akan mencoba menggunakan suatu bahasa dunia –yaitu bahasa inggris– dalam membuat suatu posting. Semoga teman2 sekalian mau berjiwa besar untuk memaklumi jika postingan kali ini aneh bin strange.

Ok, I’ll start from the title, ” The Analogy of bicycle and bysikil ” . Maybe the word bicycle doesnt have another meanings for us –the normally human being– ,we all knew that bicycle is kind of transportation tool using a human power energy. And at my hometown jogjakarta, there is a statement called, “sego segawe” , which is the acronym of “ sepeda kanggo sekolah lan nyambut gawe “. That statement means, bicycle for study –at school– and works, in javannesse language. The purposse of this statement was to persuade the people in jogja city to riding bicycle if they want to go to school and works. And hopefully, this trick could reduce the pollution level in our hometown.

And what was the analogy between the bicycle and bysikil ?

Well if bicycle is kind of transportation tool, but bysikil its just one of my wryly tricks (wryly ==> unfunny humor). Bysikil means by-foot (sikil means foot in javannesse language) or in another word bysikil is the energy that required to riding a bicycle. So in my oppinion, bysikil is the energy to ride a bicycle. And its cames from what you consumed.

Okay, its took almost an hour for me to write this little post, with a big hope that you will enjoyed. And forgive me if this post was not good enough, because its just to rehearse my english abbility. Thx. :mrgreen:

6 thoughts on “The Analogy of bicycle and bysikil

  1. Riding bicycle certainly is better than riding machinery transportation, in light of healthy life and environment.

    wah master e datang menengok.. ha2 matur thankyou gan :mrgreen:

  2. mati le pake boso linggis!

    nggak ngerti sih, tapi saya jadi bayangin bisa naek sepeda ontel di jogja :mrgreen:

    ha2 linggis is guudd.. linggis is nays… du yu spik linggis ??? ai ken litel2 wakakakakkk :mrgreen:

  3. Wkwkwkkwkwkwkwkkwk 😀

    *Numpang ngakak doangs, selanjutnya ga dongs artinya.. wkwkwkkwkk 😀

    wewww… pokoke kui lah bos *asline dewene yo ga donk ,… :mrgreen:

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